Recent Before & After Photos

Gilbert AZ Sonic Drive In Fire Damage Equipment Clean up

We had to use a mixture of degreasers and old-fashioned elbow grease to get the Gilbert Sonic equipment cleaned. Some of the equipment had been damaged by ... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage in Apache Junction AZ

We got called out to a mobile home in Apache Junction AZ that had taken in a ton of water during a haboob last year. We were able to dry out most of the home wi... READ MORE

Rain damages hallway in East mesa/East Valley

SERVPRO Not only handles storm damage but also helps after hours in the EAST Valley.SERVPRO of North Central Mesa got called out one late stormy night to help o... READ MORE

Mold Damage from Storm water in Mesa AZ

Rental Property Mold Damage From Storm WaterWe got called out to a rental property in Queen Creek AZ that had water damage from a recent storm. Because the unit... READ MORE

Storm Breaks through roof and gets behind Cabinets

When in need, Call the Team in green.SERVPRO TACKLES STORM PROBLEMS in Fountain Hills Arizona.You'll never guess but Fountain Hills, AZ is located around a bunc... READ MORE

Cleaning Mold contents and belongings in Rio Verde

Take precautions with mold infested materials.SERVPRO of North Central Mesa made the drive us to Rio Verde, Arizona in early 2018. We are recognized as a leadin... READ MORE

Removing Mold and Mold-infested materials

Call the Team in Green SERVPRO of North Central Mesa has handled more mold this year than ever. The mold cleanup process all starts with a phone call ... READ MORE

Water destroys office and ruins paperwork.

SERVPRO saves paperwork  with SublimationSublimation: A process in which a substance is converted directly from a solid to a gas or from a gas to... READ MORE

Electronic Power tool cleaning.

Cleaning ElectronicsIt's one of the most delicate things that we clean. If you use too strong on a cleaning product it can damage the item, if you don't use eno... READ MORE

Protecting the Family jewels... after the Haboob

HABOOB TEARS OFF ROOF OF A PAWN SHOP2015 during monsoon season there was a Haboob storm that tore through the Mesa area. It affected many building, but this com... READ MORE