Recent Before & After Photos

Remodeled Home After Housefire

After a large house fire, this home owner wanted to do some remodeling. As you see in the picture, we were able to cover up the windows to create more space for... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Mesa AZ

Yet again, another kitchen fire. Oil is one of the most dangerous things to cook with. If you are ever cooking with it, make sure you stay focused, and try not ... READ MORE

Plumbing Warehouse in Mesa AZ.

Junk yards can be found in just about every city. This junk yard was for a major plumbing company. They kept many different things out here from empty boxes, ex... READ MORE

Home flooded, and turned into mold Casa Grande, AZ

Mold can be found just about anywhere where there is moisture and air, in order for it grow, it needs something to eat off of. Well this home had plenty of all ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Mesa AZ

Cooking fires is the most common reason for a house fires. When cooking with oil especially, you need to stay focused on what you’re doing and try to not ... READ MORE

Odor Control

Never buy a home that you don’t know what’s inside.The Home owners wanted to see their new double wide trailer they just bought at a silent auction.... READ MORE

Flooded house in Mesa AZ

While a family was on vacation in Idaho, their toilet supply line broke, and when the neighbors saw water running out the front door they knew there was a probl... READ MORE

Mobile home cleaning in Mesa

Despite the look this bathroom is actually a mobile home located in Mesa Arizona. It had been vacant for quite some time, and it had just been bought. So, not k... READ MORE

Helping MOM clean.

A single mother of 8 called SERVPRO of North Central Mesa to clean her carpets. She’s lived in Mesa Arizona all of her life and wanted to use someone loca... READ MORE